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H323 IP Masquerade module supporting incoming calls for Coyote 1.31

Jerome Mouton, 20020513


Coyote Linux 1.31 includes a H323 module. This module has been written by
CoRiTel for the version 2.2.16 of the Linux kernel.

Coyote 1.31 is based on the version 2.2.19 of Linux, and this module is not
compatible with this newer version of the kernel. Outgoing H323 calls to 
a public Internet address work ok, but incoming calls are no longer supported.

Wildlab released a patch for the CoRiTel H323 module.
This patch adds some features, but more important for Coyote 1.31 users,
this patch puts back support for incoming calls with the Linux kernel 2.2.19.


There are multiple ways to install this new ip_masq_h323.o module. You could
update the Coyote 1.31 installation tree, and then create a new floppy, or
you could update an already built floppy.

If you want to update the installation tree, assuming you extracted the 
Coyote 1.31 archived in /home/user, type:
 cp ip_masq_h323.o /home/user/coyote/data/kernel-nofpu/drivers/ip_masq_h323.o
 cp ip_masq_h323.o /home/user/coyote/data/kernel-fpu/drivers/ip_masq_h323.o
and then, run the script again.

If you want to update a running Coyote router, you should copy the new module
to the /lib/modules directory and backup the running Coyote to the floppy..

Once you have your router running with the new module, you need to enter the
following two commands, either on the Coyote Linux command line, or in the
/etc/rc.d/rc.masquerade configuration file:
/sbin/ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L 1720 -R 192.168.0.x 1720
/sbin/ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L 1503 -R 192.168.0.x 1503

Replace by your public IP address, and 192.168.0.x by the private 
IP address of the machine running the H323 client.

You can find more information about these ipmasqadm rules on the CoRiTel Web
site (look for the redirection_on and redirection_off scripts):


The compiled module included here has not been stripped. If you are looking
into saving every bytes possible on your floppy, you should be able to do
strip ip_masq_h323.o
on a Linux machine, and you would get a smaller module (less than 8000 bytes).
Please, note that I have not tested this.

Here are the MD5 and file size of both modules, in case you get confused:
   New H323 module with incoming call support
     MD5 Sum:   769db26c1a75bb5935e74f61a33a9f6e
     File size: 11700
   Original ip_masq_h323.o from Coyote 1.31
     MD5 Sum:   1c52388d30c8506cba2ce2a7b78ab871
     File size: 5396 bytes.

If you are planning to use the video conferencing with MSM Messenger, you
should have a look here for more information:
I am not a MSM Messenger user, so I did not test this with Coyote.


CoRiTel H323 module Web page:

Wildlab H323 module patch Web page: